Track your location using Gishan Networks GeoLocation

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What is Location Tracking?

Location tracking is trying to identify your location (simply where you are) from all available location sources such as GPS satellites, network towers and Wi-Fi hotspots. After analyzing all available location sources the tracking service can provide you your approximate location.

Why we need to track client’s location

Some web applications are customized as per user location. The servers will send the clients different content with most suitable languages or currencies with respect to their location. This website is a sample of a location tracking system. The location detection accuracy depends on country and ISP.


We do not collect any personal information of you through this website, not even your location. We do not save or share your location with any other 3rd party. The location service provided in this website is for educational and experimental purposes only.

Location tracking accuracy

This is under development. Therefore, we welcome and appreciate your feedback about location tracking accuracy.